May 05, 2017

Babies love warm milk and can go through quite a few bottles in a day. Sterilizing your baby's bottles and bottle parts can keep your little one from ingesting bacteria that may have built up within the bottle. Not to mention, if your baby has been sick, it is a good idea to sterilize the bottles to clean out germs that may have accumulated. Bottle sterilizers can take the guesswork out of whether you have thoroughly sterilized the bottles.

Traditional sterilizers work by using hot steam to efficiently clean baby bottles. Most traditional bottle sterilizers are electric. There are also units that can be used in the microwave to sterilize bottles. The time and amount of water needed to create steam varies from unit to unit, but they all require water to be measured precisely.

Another way to sterilize bottles is to simply boil water on the stove, but this method is tedious and takes some time because you must wait for the water to boil. Not to mention, you must babysit the water on the stove during the entire sanitization process, and then make sure you thoroughly dry the bottles after they have been boiled.

Sterilizers have come a long way from using steam. Today, there are UV sterilizers that utilize ultraviolet light to kill bacteria, mold, and viruses. Bottle sterilizers that use ultraviolet light are often used in hospitals to keep bottles and instruments sanitary. Many of the UV sterilizers out there can also sterilize toys or other household products. It is convenient to be able to sterilize items after your child has been sick or some of the toys need to be deep cleaned because they have been extra-loved.

UPang UV Sterilizer

UPang UV Sterilizer Review

The UPang Sterilizer provides 99.9% sterilization within ten minutes and is a convenient alternative to the traditional sterilizer that uses hot steam. It is 99.9% effective in getting rid of Staphylococcus, salmonella, influenza A and other serious illnesses. An infrared, low-temperature drying process keeps bottles in terrific condition and can even be used with plastic bottles. Furthermore, the appliance works well for sterilizing soft-toys, kitchenware, spoons, and even toothbrushes or beauty instruments.

The exterior of the UPang UV sterilizer is white and you can choose from a striking blue, green, orange, pink or yellow colored border on the front panel. The three, easy-to-use buttons are located at the top of the unit and control auto, sanitize and the fan. There is a stainless shelf and basket to use for bottles and nipples during the sterilization process, which is a nice feature to keep similar parts together. The unit can also be used to store bottles so they remain sterile even after the sterilization process. The life of the lamp is approximately 6,000 hours, but it is recommended to change the bulb once a year.


  • 99.9% sterilization.
  • Convenient and safe.
  • Can be used to store bottles.


  • Change UV lamp and Infrared bulbs once a year.

Haenim UV Sterilizer (2016 Model – 3rd GEN)


Haenim UV Sterilizer Review

Price: $399.

If you have a lot of bottles to sterilize at one time, the Haenim UV Sterilizer can sterilize up to 16 bottles all at once. Choose from six attractive door panel colors: black, metal silver, pink, blue, green, or grey. The sleek white exterior is easy to keep clean by wiping it down with a damp cloth every now and then. One nice feature on the outside of the unit are the touch buttons so you don't have to worry about wet fingers harming the unit.

An exciting feature on this sterilizer is the Bluetooth 4.1 technology which allows you to control and connect to the device via your smartphone. The Bluetooth technology works if you are within ten meters of the device! This is a helpful feature for someone who is caring for an infant because you don't necessarily have to be in the same room as the sterilizer to turn it on. There is even an app alert to remind you when it is time to change out the UV lamps.

The dual ventilation fans dry the bottles so you don't have to worry about air drying them. Furthermore, the storage function keeps the items sterile and continues to auto sterilize every two hours. There are Dual Osram UV Lamps that need to be replaced annually.

Other features include a super mirror inner which allow UV light reflection in all directions, durable metal hinges for longer usage, and also this is the only UV steriliser model which displays timer and temperature. 



  • Stores up to 16 bottles at once.
  • Bluetooth technology enabled.
  • Continuously sterilizes every 2 hours.


  • Larger size takes up more counter space.

HANIL UV Sterilizer Dryer

Hanil UV Sterilizer Review

Parents and caregivers will have more time to bond with their baby when they use the HANIL UV Sterilizer Dryer. Since it is touch operated, it is a convenient and user-friendly appliance. The unit is 270 x 316 x 395 mm so it doesn't take up much space on the counter. Additionally, the UV sterilizer kills 99.9% of germs and is easy to use. A drying function allows the bottles to be used immediately after they have been dried in the sterilizer. It really couldn't be any easier.

The machine can fit all sizes of baby bottles and is able to fit up to nine, eight-ounce, baby bottles. It can even sterilize other items like water bottles, teethers, pacifiers, toothbrushes, combs or other household objects. The infrared technology prevents mold from accumulating in straws, sippy cup rims, breast pub valves, toothbrushes, and more. Overall, the convenience of the UV sterilizer is an efficient and convenient way to sterilize bottles for busy parents.


  • 99.9% effective.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can be used to sterilize other items.


  • Price.

Babies have compromised immune systems, so a bottle sterilizer is a wonderful way to make sure you are giving your baby a bottle that is clean and sterile. Even though they are pricey, you will save time and increase the life of your bottles, which is priceless.

Still unsure? Take a look at this table at a glance summary!

Electric Steam Sterilizer vs UV Sterilizer


Electric Steam Sterilizer

UV Sterilizer


System which heats water up to steam

System which uses ultra-violet (UV) light radiation


Ideally at 121°C for 30 minutes

UV light sterilisation for 20-25 minutes

Electrical Consumption




Need to de-scale regularly

No need de-scaling

Drying function

Not available in most electric steam sterilisers; sterilised bottles need to dry on a rack

Available in most UV sterilisers

Storage function

Not for storing items; items need to be removed after sterilisation

Items can be stored in the steriliser after sterilisation


Comparison between 3 UV Sterilizers


UPang UV Steriliser

Haenim UV Steriliser (2016 model, 3rd Gen)

Hanil UV Steriliser


31.6cm (L) x 26.3cm (D) x 37.6cm (H) 

29.5cm (L) x 39cm (D) x 42cm (H)

27.0cm (L) x 31.6cm (D) x 39.5cm (H)






5 colours – Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Yellow

6 colours – Black, Metal Silver, Pink, Blue, Green, Grey

Only 1 colour (Silver)

Number of modes


  • Auto (40min: 30min Infra-red low temperature drying + 10min UV sterilisation)
  • Sterilisation (8min UV sterilisation, up to 10min ventilation)
  • Ventilation (10min)


  • Auto (30min, 50min, 70min)
  • UV (5min, 10min)
  • Drying (10min, 20min, 40min)


  • Auto (40min: 30min ventilation + 10min UV sterilisation)
  • Sterilisation (10min)
  • Clean (10min ventilation)


Storage function


Auto 1min of UV for every 2h for 8h

Auto 2min UV sterilisation & 20sec ventilation every 2h

HEPA filter



3M HEPA filter blocks away air-borne dust & particles

Dual Ventilation Fans




Bluetooth Technology (App control)




Timer & Temperature Display




Electrical Consumption





1 year local waranty

1 year local waranty

1 year local waranty


S$349.00 (U.P S$399)

S$359.1 (U.P S$399)

S$369.00 (U.P S$439)



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