Haenim UV Sterilizer (2016 Model - 3rd GEN)

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Made in Korean Haenim UV Sterilizer & Dryer

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New Shipment will arrive in 19 June 2017.
  • New Functions!
    • Connect & Control via your SmartPhone!
    • Using Bluetooth 4.1 Technology
    • App alerts to remind when you need to change the UV lamps
    • New Touch Buttons - No more worries about wet fingers damaging your set!
    • New separate STORAGE function - Add it on to any of the functions! Auto sterilise every 2h for 8h to ensure your bottles & pump parts are ready anytime!
    • New DUAL ventilation fans! Improved drying power!
  • 99.9% Sterilizing Power - Lab Proven!
  • Using Dual OSRAM (Italy) UVC Lamps
  • Dries & Sterilizes - No More Air Drying Needed!
  • Large - Saves Time! Up to 16 bottles!
  • Storage Function - Keep Items Sterile with Auto Sterilizing Every 2 Hours
  • Made in Korea
  • Easy to Clean - Simply Wipe with Clean Damp Cloth
  • Easy to Maintain - Only the Dual Osram UV Lamps needs Replacement (Annually)

Available in 6 colours: Black, Metal Silver, Pink, Blue, Green, Grey

Replace UV Lamps every year - Buy Replacement UV LAMP HERE