i-Angel Denim Hipseat Baby Carrier

  • The original design: The design of the i-angel Hip Seat Carrier is unique to i-angel. It is the first hip seat carrier in the world! We have the Hip Seat Carrier in 16 different colours and design. There's something to choose from for every Mummy and Baby Pair.
  • Our excellent quality: We have a patent for the i-angel Hip Seat Carrier's unique design. This product was developed through numerous trials and iterations and with feedback from Mummies to create the perfect product.
  • Only the safest and highest quality material for the i-angel Hipseat Carrier: A lot of thought went into designing each part of the carrier. The Hip Seat uses foamed Styrofoam based on PP material, which cannot be compared with low priced Styrofoam and is harmless for human body. Instead of low priced Styrofoam normally seen in the market, i-angel uses luxurious compressed styrofoam with PP material. Such design thoughts are abound in the i-angel Hipseat Carrier.
  • A company of long outstanding reputation: i-angel has been developing, producing and distributing baby carriers for more than 10 years.We have participated in numerous baby fairs to receive feedback on the needs of the consumers. All products of i-angel are self made by the company, we are therefore able to ensure the quality of our products from start to end of production.


  • Includes sleeping hood & organic teething pads
  • Washable
  • Fabric Material: 100% cotton
  • Product Weight: 0.830 kg
  • Waist Belt Size: 72 - 112 cm
  • Age: 3 - 36 months
  • Weight: 3.5 - 20 kg