Sophie the Giraffe So'Pure Teething Ring

Two Different Versions

Very Soft -Good for the initial teething period for infants when they first start to itch. The very soft version is more flexible and will may also squeak more.

Soft Version -A soft version of the teething ring that is suitable for a more advanced teething period.

100% natural rubber - this baby teether is safe for your baby to bite, chew and play on. Soothe those painful gums with sophie the giraffe's natural teething ring. It's two rings around the teether have a different surface texture for your baby to choose from according to his age and needs - allowing him or her to choose her preference of biting.

Hygiene & Safety

It's very important that all things put into babies' mouths are clean. This means that the toy must be lead and chemical free, and it must also be easy to wash. Do note that over time, the colouring on the toy will fade and this is because the dye is 100% food colouring and safe, and it will fade naturally over time.

Cleaning Tips

You can wash with warm water and mild soup, or use an alcohol wipe to clean the extra. Be careful not to allow water to enter the hole in all sophie toys or teethers with squeakers, as it will spoil the squeaking sound over time.