UPang UV Sterilizer

Premium Baby Bottle Sterilizer UPANG

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Why UPang?

  • Perfect Sterilization (99.9%).
  • Convenient & safe.
  • Infrared low-temperature drying process prevents bottle deformation.
  • Acts as a storage space to keep bottles sterile after sterilization!
  • Can be used for toys and soft-toys as well!

More information:

• The U.S. FDA Medical Device Registration
• 99.9% Internal Baby Bottle Germicidal Disinfection Tests
• Australia Sterilization Tests 99.9% Sterilization
• CE Europe Reliable Authentication
• KEMTI 99.9% Influenza Virus Sterilization
• SUPER MIRROR STAINLESS - Excellent internal reflectance
Infrared low-temperature drying - Under 40℃ low temperature drying for 30 minutes, even safe with plastic feeding bottle
Ultraviolet dual lamp - Perfect sterilization for 10 minutes, completely strong sterilization 99.9%
Time to replace the UV lamp & Infrared Bulbs - Life of the lamp is a 6,000 hours. For sterilizing power, it is recommended to change once a year



• Model - UP701-Y
• Power - 220V / 60Hz Power Consumption - 35W
• Plug Type - 220V / Type F
• Weight - 4.35kgSize - 263(W) x 316(L) x 376(H) mm
• Accessories - UV lamp, Infrared Bulbs, Shelf, Basket